10% of ALL sales donated to Stop Suicide

Welcome to 920 Jewelry
By Amy Castro


About 920

My Mission


When I tragically lost my sister in August of 2016, my world totally shifted gears..... I was 9 months pregnant, excited and happy about the upcoming birth of my daughter, to suddenly being hit by the biggest horrific moment of my life! 

I wanted the jewelry she was wearing when she died... I wanted to feel her around my neck and carry her with me. When I received it, her necklace was so corroded and in unwearable condition. I was devastated. So, I did the only thing I could (and maybe the nurse blood that pumps through my veins) I fixed it!!!!! I took it apart, paired it with new gemstones and poof, a whole new piece!!!!! It felt good to have what I wanted in different form..... kinda like her, she’s always with me just in a different form. From this my mission was born.

9/20/16 my daughter was born..... I named my company 920, because this was the day I realized that my family was a whole and the first day of the rest of my life. A vital moment in my life, maybe the most important. My sister, Camby was a beautiful soul and wants this as my destiny.... I truly hope you find something that speaks to you and make it your own story! 

Donation of Love


10% of each purchase is donated to Stop Soldier Suicide. This Charity provides medication, therapy sessions, sponsors and more! It’s an awesome foundation, so thank you for your contribution!

My Promise


I promise you will wear this jewelry with pride, confidence and you will know it was truly made with love and honor!


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